LEVEL 1/CERTIFICATION     January 17-18  Saint Louis MO 7:30am- 7pm location TBA

                                                   May 22-23       Saint Louis MO  7:30am - 7pm  location TBA

                                                   August  21-22  Saint Louis MO 7:30am - 7pm location TBA

                                                   November 13-14    Saint Louis MO 7:30 - 7pm location TBA

VOLUMATION                        TBA based on demand, please call 877-BIGLASH

OTHER ADVANCED              TBA based on demand, please call 877- BIGLASH


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL XTREME LASHES CORPORATE TRAINER AUDREY JOHNSON AT (573) 210-4173.  Some stylists will pose as trainers, but there are only 22 official trainers in the country that will provide the official training for Xtreme Lashes.  Call 877-BIGLASH for official trainer dates  and locations to verify.

Dream Dream

If you want the best eyelash extension training in the world you've come to the right place – Xtreme Lashes®. Now is the time to sign up with Xtreme Lashes® and become a Certified Eyelash Extension Professional. As the global leader in eyelash extensions, we're committed to your success and the long-term health of eyelash extensions industry. Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions is the first and only company requiring a two day hands on Eyelash Extension Training and Certification Workshop. You will learn everything you need to jump start your career as a Certified Xtreme Lashes® Stylist.