All Sets include the 2-week relash unless stated otherwise.


1st Appointment


55 lashes per eye     $250

70 lashes per eye     $300     (this is what is considered a "full set")

90+ lashes per eye   $350      (this is as many lashes as can possibly be applied)


KEEP IN MIND - most humans have between 90-150 lashes per eye.  The average is around 115.  Only approximately 70% of these lashes are in a stage that is healthy to put an extension on.  Occasionally, a person may not be an ideal client, such as those who have less than 50 lashes per eye naturally, or those with very oily lashes and skin.


Returning Client - We understand that scheduled surgeries, travel and simply life changes can cause clients to abandon the lash extensions for a period oftime and then  return once again.  To our faithful returning clients, we offer a discount off of the initial set.  This is usually $200 and does not include the 2 week relash.





Relashes must be schedule within or around the 2 week mark, and at the discetion of the stylist the client may be charged for additional time.  


2 week Relash - $80      (1 hour)

3 week Relash - $125     (1.5 hours)

4 week Relash - $200     (2 hours)

Anything longer than a 4 week relash is considered a set, and the  client will be charged for the corresponding set that they choose.


We offer a package set for those committing to a regular long-term schedule of relashes.  Serious lashers, only!


Set of 8 relashes (best savings) $520

Set of 4 relashes $300


NOTE:  With packages, all relashes must be scheduled in advance once package is purchased (within 3 days of package purchase)  and cannot be changed unless due to some type of family/personal emergency such as sickness, etc..  If the client missed an appointment the relash is gone - it cannot be redeemed otherwise.  Elegant Lash Extensions always requires a 48-hour notice to reschedule and there is a $25 fee for rescheduling.